1. Special Makeup Effects Course

This special effects makeup course is perfect for those who can think outside the box and have a passionate desire to work with special effects makeup. This makeup school course provides instruction in the lab and formulation techniques that are required to create film and television makeup effects. The student will learn injury simulation, creation of bald caps, hair application, age makeup, blood and wound techniques, teeth creation, tools and their uses, and painting techniques. Additionally, this course focuses on the fundamental elements in the lab and formulation techniques that are required to design and create extreme single piece character and creature makeups. The students achieve these looks through casting, molding, construction and application techniques. Students will create a life cast and learn prosthetic application with a focus on the details of prosthetic appliance development. The course takes students through the phases of project conceptualization and prosthetic application, including design, sculpting, molding, formulation of foam latex, as well as painting, seaming, and applying prosthetic pieces. As part of the course, students will be using all of their knowledge learned throughout the course to design and build different face and neck appliances complete with a set of teeth to create their own ultimate prosthetic character captured digitally in our photo studio for the student to use in his or her portfolio.

What you learn in the Special Makeup Effects Course:

  • Theory – Safety information, SFX kit, tools and their uses, anatomy, SFX terms, character design.
  • Creation of bald caps using latex, application process, customizing your cap, introduction to PAX and painting bald caps.
  • Teeth Molding – How to take impressions and sculpt teeth, mixing monomer and polymer.
  • Using a hair hackle, steaming hair, hair application, beard application.
  • Burns, cuts, bruises, wounds, prosthetic application.
  • Life casting using alginate, creating positives and negatives, sculpting, making foam latex prosthetics.
  • How to create a realistic surface, creating pros aide transfers and applying them.
  • Using Silicone for SFX
  • Various techniques on how to sculpt different looks with different tools, molding, cutting edges, flashing.
  • Prosthetic application, edge work, proper placement, proper removal, painting latex.
  • Character Creation – Create different characters using the various techniques learned – old age, hand building cotton and latex Zombies, and your own custom design creation.
  • Online Job Education

2. Men’s Barbering Courses

During this course you’ll learn the basics of haircutting and barbering on practice heads, the industry health and safety guidelines and how to correctly use your products and tools. This course also gives you experience of beard trimming, long hair trimming, cutting long and short layers, and cutting a bob. You will also cover men’s hair styles including a textured cut, short back and sides and continuity requirements. Throughout this course you will be assessed on all skills.

Barbering, Blunt cutting, Body position, Clipper cutting, Club cutting, Comb techniques, Elevation, Finger position, Layering, Over-direction, Point cutting, Scissor control, Scissor-over-comb, Sectioning, Shading, Tension, Uniform layer, Tapering, Graduation Blow Dry and styling products.

  • Cut hair using a combination of techniques,
  • Creatively colour and lighten hair.
  • Hairdressing consultation services
  • Creatively style and dress hair.
  • Hair colour correction services and Smoothening and relaxing Services.
  • Hair Treatments and Post Care